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Seven Of Heaven

They are not listen to one another -
they are only fighting against each other.
Brothers and sisters the people don't know.
Helping each other they say NO!
Looking for an easy advantage -
sometimes it's very hard to manage!
Going through a life with no sense -
doing their things with great suspense.

Give me a name like "Seven Of Heaven"!
Yes, I mean seven, not eleven!
Give me hope and joy and love and peace.
We don't need a very secret police.
Give me your hand, don't stand outside.
Be no longer like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

- Is this burning an eternal flame? -

I will not stop begging for love -
see with me a flying white dove.
You know people have learn to kill -
kids are playing football in brazil.
The Heaven above, the hell below -
your life is more than a show.
We are singing and playing for you -
Feelings will get through and through!